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How does solar power work? Solar PV systems which are “grid tied” consist of two main components:

1. Solar PV Panels - also known as PV modules are the main building blocks of a solar PV system. PV panels contain a series of smaller photovoltaic cells which are connected together. The PV cells made from a material (usually silicon) which converts light into electricity. A number of PV panels are connected together to form a PV array. A PV array of several PV modules is what will be installed on your solar roof.

2. Solar DC/AC Inverter – this small box converts the solar direct current (DC) electricity generated by your solar PV panels into alternating current (AC) electricity.


How do consumers benefit from installing a PV system?

Firstly, by avoiding the cost of purchasing the PV generated electricity from the grid. Electricity prices are expected to rise sharply over the next few years, so the savings from installing a solar PV generation power station on your own roof are likely to increase.

Secondly, Extra income. Under the government solar energy policy ,extra energy produced each unit of PV electricity that you generate with your photovoltaic installation, whether you use it or not. The State Government shall allow the Net metering mechanism for grid connected system to the consumer(s) of the Discoms installing such systems subject to technical consideration and execution of net-metering agreement between such consumers and Discoms. . The amount you earn from your PV installation depends on how much solar electricity you actually generate.

Albal will take care of all agreement with Discoms for long term benefit . We will do this registration process for your PV installation.



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