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Here at Albal, we evaluate and overcome the hurdles – power purchase agreements (PPA) negotiation, site resource evaluation, and analysis of electricity tariff – to develop solar projects as it entails capital, time and risk tolerance to make it work. We help to assess the risk factors such as company risk, financial risk, and regulatory risk, construction and operational risk. With an uncertainty of any of these risk factors, it can have an immediate impact on the profitability and liquidity for the project. Albal leverages years of experience of team members in due diligence, risk and opportunity analysis, PPA negotiation and risk management to create and finance solar opportunities for clients. Partner with us now and we take the broad set of responsibilities out of your hands, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.


Highrise Rooftop
100kW in size to supplement the common area power supply

Detached House Rooftop

10kW to 50kW in size to supplement the household power consumption

School Rooftop

Up to 1MW or more in size to supplement the school’s power consumption

Commercial Rooftop This includes government as well as private buildings, even shopping malls, who desire to lower their existing power bill by supplementing their current consumption with solar power.

Industrial Rooftop

Industries who wish to lower their power bill by supplementing with solar power. Moreover, allowing them to achieve their Green Mark certification and obtain their environmental objective.

The quality of products plays a key role in the Albal appeal. We only employ Grade A raw materials and execute rigorous testing in the products, and at the same time maintain at affordable costs. Doubtlessly, all these benchmarks are highly attributed to our skilled and professional engineering team.