Rooftop Grid Tied Solar Plant




GRID TIED Roof Top Solar plant:


  • A solar plant is installed on the roof and the electricity produced is mixed with the electric power coming from JVVNL .
  • The electricity generated from solar is first given to your factory/establishment and the surplus if any is given out to JVVNL for which JVVNL pays at the rate of 6.74 Rs per unit.
  • If the solar electricity is less then your consumption then the shortfall is supplied by the JVVNL and JVVNL will charge @ 6.5 Rs per unit .
  • At the end of the billing cycle JVVNL will generate Bill for net unit consumed using NETMETERING method.


Some Facts about Grid Tied Solar plant.

  • It is similar to Large Solar Power Plant.
  • Electricity generated from Solar Power Plant is synchronized with Electricity from JVVNL.
  • When JVVNL supply fails, Generation from Solar Power Plant also stops.
  • This is for Safety reasons, mandated by JVVNL.
  • It will not work when there is no sunlight.